sOlar Seendig

2020- In Progress

Ulises Matamoros

Lenka Holìkovà

  • Specific Site Intervention

  • Mixed Media

  • Oil Painting

  • Drawing

  • 3D Models

  • Topographic survey using laser technology

  • Santa Inés Ahuatempan, Puebla, Mexico, Barrios (neighborhoods) San Antonio Tierra Negra and San Antonio Tierra Colorada.


"sOlar seeding" is a project by Ulises Matamoros Ascención and Lenka Holíková that is developed in a specific site in the community of Santa Inés Ahuatempan through the link with "Chasen Thajni, the house of all": an independent community space, Built in a collaborative way by members of the Ngiba population, to offer diverse artistic and cultural activities around language and tradition. These activities are primarily aimed at and managed by the community, but open to the general public.