Solar: Public Space Dispute


  • Site-Specific Intervention

Through the extraction of circular cuts on different supports, which then become the symbol of an artificial "sun", "Extraction: Solar, - the dispute of space" creates a metaphor regarding the different ways of exploitation towards different territories and the trace left behind by them.

From the photographic image (as a register) I capture actions in specific spaces, these actions are real interactions with the environment while working as metaphors for the photographed spaces, these spaces are in "hybrid" zones, zones of conflict and dispute (ecological, political or economic).

To carry out this action the artist negotiates with the owner of this informal trade located in a popular colony called San José (Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico).

Ulises Matamoros opens the canopy, on the street at the beginning of the working day in the morning. Above this canopy is a circle that lets the sun’s rays pass by. These rays of the sun traverse the perforation to impact on the ground, where the circular surplus of the canopy is placed that, similar to an artificial sun is moving, evidencing the natural path of the sun and mapping a whole day’s work.

This piece reflects on the working conditions in the region and the alternatives that people generate to survive; appropriating the public place illegally positioning themselves in a disputed space.