Solar: Space Dispute, Extraction


Specific Site Intervention

Santa Inés ahuatempan, Puebla, México 




In this work, Ulises Matamoros, manages to place a synthetic "solar" circle (made of nylon) in the center of a small lagoon in his community of Santa Inés Ahuatempan (Sierra Mixteca, Puebla, Mexico). In this semi-desert region, the distribution of water does not depend on artificial structures (governmental, from the state), but on the natural water cycle.


The circle, is placed in the waters of the lagoon during rainy season when the water becomes abundant, and is left to float without further intervention. Passing the rain season, Ulises returns, to find a dry lagoon. Then it is proposed to look for the circle, and what might become of it almost invisible, perhaps dried up to reintegrate with the ground.