Notes For a Remodeling Of Monuments

Specific Site Intervention ( Project)

United Kingdom,

United States of America,


2018- in progress



Cleopatra's Needles" and Luxor's obelisk were some of the many monuments "donated" for diplomatic reasons to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and France respectively.


Through a discourse that sought to generate the utopian idea of global community and reciprocal diplomatic relations, these voluntary donations "culminated" two centuries of diverse archaeological looting across the globe, and seemed to want to nuance domination, marginalization, and colonization. The historical particularities of these donations, their transfer and their new locations point to a kind of soft power that in the apparent solemnity of the monument and the "precious protected" object conceal "virtual" closenesses that have always been deprived of a real experience of reciprocity.


PROJECT FOR A REMODELING OF MONUMENTS recovers stories about the complex network of circulation of these monuments, the cultural "pollution", the imaginary and the acts of power that their sites enunciate. This project aims to critically highlight the presence of "donated" or "looted" monuments by generating a fiction that raises (inspired by the particular history of each monument) various architectural renovations, from a shelter for migrants in the obelisk of Luxor in Paris or the "Cleopatra needle" in Central Park, to a "extra-maritime" territory belonging to Egypt in London.