Ulises Matamoros 

Hybrids, Mickey 

Ceramic 2008

Documentary photographs


Ulises Matamoros 
Hybrids, Mexican Crafts

Disposable plates and cups, markers 2008



Ulises Matamoros 
Hybrids, Licuajete


hand-made stone carving 2007



  • Scuplture

  • Objects



Santa Inés Ahuatempan

Puebla, México 

This series of works by Ulises Matamoros corresponds to his university period. 


This series of works was carried out in the indigenous community N` giba of Santa Inés Ahuatempan (Puebla, Mexico), where migrations to the United States have physically and symbolically transformed the place, circulating distant objects whose values are indifferent to the context, but which nevertheless permeate the community, which paradoxically continues to maintain the same indices of poverty and marginalization


Ulises Matamoros 
Hybrids, Xanti

Photo manipulation 2008


Ulises Matamoros 
Hybrids, Hybid

Natural and synthetic fibers 2007